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The culture war targets libraries

"It’s not just the right to read that’s at stake. It’s the right to have the dignity of your story protected."


Fuzzy math from Boston Public Schools

The district’s credibility problems grow with the way officials have been inflating enrollment year after year to calculate its budgets. What’s more, BPS knows the predictions are unrealistic.


Opponents of my kids’ math program have their calculus all wrong

The Calculus Project puts underrepresented students in a cohort of their peers and empowers them to soar. What’s so discriminatory about that?


Mass. doing more to help students make the most of community college

The Healey administration's approach appears to wisely address many of the costs of college, both financial and personal. Tuition is only the beginning.


Adults with developmental disabilities deserve Real Lives

Although the Real Lives law, guaranteeing the right to self-direct and ordering the Department of Developmental Services to make it happen, was passed in 2014, DDS didn’t even propose regulations governing self-direction until a few months ago.


Takeover is not a solution to lifting underperforming schools

If the only strategy that the state has to improve schools is either a harmful and ineffective takeover or the threat of a takeover, then it is clear that we need a drastic change in the state’s approach.


I got a 65 on my chemistry exam. Is my future ruined?

Learning usually takes place at the limit of the student’s knowledge. They are led onward by those missing, short-of-perfection points.


There are innovative college and career programs for high school students. The Legislature needs to fund them.

Both options are focused on improving outcomes for students who are underrepresented in higher education while fueling a more diverse workforce in high-demand industries.