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The culture war targets libraries

"It’s not just the right to read that’s at stake. It’s the right to have the dignity of your story protected."


Abortion foes twist criminal laws in push for fetal personhood

Antiabortion groups are engaged in a messaging campaign based on their disingenuous claim that there is societal consensus that life begins before birth. That’s the first step in the push for their next objective: a nationwide ban on abortion.


Understanding the intersectionality of hate

The right doesn’t “pick and choose where they’re going to fight; they wage campaigns that pressure all those points at the same time.”


If the Supreme Court ends affirmative action in college admissions, diversity could be expanded

In a post-affirmative action world, looking at equity and equality through another lens — class — could level the playing field for low-income students of all backgrounds.


I know Michael Delaney. After what he did, he doesn’t deserve to be a judge.

His nomination shows me and other survivors of sexual assault that the Biden administration approves of what Delaney and St. Paul’s School put me and my family through.


Bill would create an apartheid system in Jackson, Miss.

The Legislature is ensuring that white neighborhoods are policed and governed by white officials rather than the Black elected officials who run the rest of Jackson.


On your own this Valentine’s Day? Carly Rae Jepsen would say that’s just fine.

The pop singer and a slew of scholars offer a reappraisal of loneliness, an emotion we’ve come to dread — and needn’t.


There’s only one way to add an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution

The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg advised ERA proponents: “Start over.”