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Lost winter: A season on thin ice is a bad time for poutine

This is the first year when it hasn’t been cold enough to need the warming grace of hot gravy and melting cheese curds on a base layer of hand-cut carbs.


The world needs more water flowing where it’s needed most

Better market design paired with deep technology can best address drought.


The dirty truth: Pollution makes the world its canvas

Google “19th century smog” and you’ll find photos of blackened skies in major cities. In the early 1800s, William Blake asked, "And was Jerusalem builded here/Among these dark Satanic Mills?"


The pushback against the 15-minute city

It is worth pointing out that the vast majority of these critiques are fundamentally wrong and even dangerous.


John Kerry has a planet to save

Most of us don’t have the position and influence of someone like Kerry, but we can surely be inspired by his example and by the urgency of the escalating climate crisis to do what we can each do personally and in our communities.


Massachusetts needs a coastal adaptation agency

The state currently relies on a piecemeal approach, but cities and towns have limited ability to act effectively on their own. Most of their coastlines are privately owned and there are few options for raising funds locally to pay for costly flood control infrastructure.


What we know — and don’t know — about offshore wind and whale deaths

The recent deaths show no relation to offshore wind development.


Social investing isn’t ‘woke capitalism’

Corporations have an obligation not just to shareholders but to consumers, workers, and the planet.