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Welcome to the Otaku, No Video wiki!

What is this place?[edit]

This started as an anime blog, which Brent is turning into a wiki. Pardon the dust while Brent converts the blog posts into appropriate wiki pages.

Eventually, this site will be a repository for intelligent, crowdsourced reviews and analysis of anime and manga. Reviews will be synthesized from multiple viewpoints.

Anyone can start a page for a given anime or manga series, and add their review. Others will then come along and add to that page, correcting mistakes and flaws.

Where to start[edit]

Also see the Classic Club Schedule.

Read the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Article Format[edit]

Articles are now being converted into the following standard format:

  1. Image
  2. Basic information about the work: Year released, director (for anime), head writer, artist (for manga), anime studio (for anime), availability, etc. A person's name should link to his or her entry in Anime News Network's Encyclopedia.
  3. Review. This should always be spoiler-free. If a work has multiple adaptations, its reviews are listed separately as "Manga Review", "Anime Review", etc. Similarly, if the reviewer has only read the first volume of several volumes, the section should be titled "Manga Review (Volume 1)".
  4. Analysis. This contains spoilers, and should use the spoiler_warning.png image. This section should describe major themes of the work (such as religion, honor, or love) and references within the work to other works (such as an early scene in De:vadasy that copies the same events as an early scene in Neon Genesis Evangelion), and compare it to other works (such comparing the Dolems of Rahxephon to the Evangelions of Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Writing Philosophy[edit]

The articles here should focus on describing the work rather than describing the reviewer's reaction. Avoid using the word "I."

Reviews should avoid vague terms like "awful" or "amazing."

Reviews should avoid describing the plot other than remarkable events that cause the work to stand out from other works in the same genres. Prefer to describe a work's basic premise and genres in a sentence or two.

Reviews should describe the elements of the work, including (but not limited to):

  • Animation (naturalism; stylization; color palette; number of unique drawings; fluidity)
  • Character interaction (believability of character reactions)
  • Realism (recognizing that the staff may not have aimed for realism)
  • Direction (framing of the characters in each shot; overall pacing; style of action)
  • Editing (shot length; variation of shot length from one shot to the next)
  • Music (appropriateness to the show's theme; whether it's too strong or too weak for the emotion of the scenes)
  • Voice acting (prefer to highlight effective voice acting rather than complain about acting you don't like)

Feel free to start a review that only touches on a few of these elements. Other writers can chime in with other elements.

How to help[edit]

The Category:Stub category lists pages that have very little information, and could use expansion.

Every work should have its own page, not individual adaptations. So, there should be only one page for Akira, even though there's both a manga and an anime version. That page should have one section titled "Manga Review" and another titled "Anime Review".