ur later that he suddenly said: “King’s fighting habits must be changed. Artificial intelligence is based on learning from humans as the cornerstone of progress. It must have studied Qing’s for a long time, even We have just taken the first step, it can guess the next ninety-nine steps. But as long as we don’t play cards according to common sense, we have a chance to beat it.”

Qingzhen shook his head and said, “It’s not that simple, we Look at the third game.” In the
third game, Li Shishi changed his old chess style, hoping to break all his habits and experiences, and want to defeat artificial intelligence.
However, things were worse than expected. In this round, Li Shishi was defeated even faster.
Abandoning one’s past is actually giving up one’s greatest advantage.
The combat mode that soldiers have long been accustomed to, and the command mode that officers have long been accustomed to are the cornerstones of Qing’s invincibility. If even these are given up, then Qing’s original strength is probably only five percent. to make.
Qing Lao San sat silently in front of the chessboard, feeling as if he had fallen into the abyss, and the feeling of powerlessness filled his limbs.
“Don’t worry, humans won the fourth game,” Qingzhen said.
Hearing these words, Qing Lao San and Xu Mandu’s eyes lighted up, as if the winner was themselves.
In the fourth game, Li Shishi not only let go of his habits, he even broke all human conventions on Go and defeated artificial intelligence by unconventional means.
What’s exciting is that in this round, artificial intelligence really lost many advantages. After Li Shishi’s unconventional move, artificial intelligence made low-level mistakes again and again.
However, even so, what is shocking is that Li Shishi is still at a disadvantage, and the overall situation is bad.
When he reached the 78th hand, Li Shishi suddenly landed his son and started the comeback battle with the posture of being put to death and then resurrecting. This hand was later c

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