to score points.”

Now my sister doesn’t know why. Suddenly he started to practice hard, without taking Ren Suo to rank up, Lin Xianyu was preparing to review the final exam again, and he did not bring Ren Suo to play.
So Ren Suo can only Self-reliance, or wait until the weekend, let Xiao Jiu take him to the point.
Now that there is a sub-machine of the avatar, Ren Suo has one more choice-let the avatar put the game account to a high rank. Anyway, he played the clone, and he used the clone’s record to show off, which is reasonable.
Ren Suo asked the clone to play the game for a while to test the record. He sat back on the sofa and suddenly saw 西安夜桑拿论坛 a new treasure chest that was shining in the content storage.
Chapter 567 Ren Suo’s miracle full moon [two more]
This is a four-star treasure box rewarded by “Hunting Night”.
Only now can Ren Suo recognize the origin of this treasure chest. Next time he opens the content storage library, the treasure chest will no longer 西安耍耍论坛glow, and he will not be able to tell which treasure chest comes from which game.
There are currently two four-star treasure chests owned by Ren Suo, from “Late Night” and “Hunting Night”.
The “Four-Star Space Key” that Ren Suo obtained from Dong Chengling had been useless. He thought about it, and took this opportunity to unpack it by the way.
He chose the treasure chest of “Hunting Night” because the space capabilities in “Hunting Night” are still quite a lot, such as teleporting miracles, which may be extra. If the luck is really so good, Ren Suo can be considered a big profit.
However, if Ren Suo didn’t touch Xiao Jiu, and didn’t step on shit, the reality would naturally not give him face.
However, Ren Suo did not have any disappointment either –
“You consume the’Four-Star Space Key’ to open this treasure chest.”
西安桑拿夜网 “You get the skill’Miracle Full Moon’.”
“The key effect is activated , and the’Miracle Full Moon’ gains space enhancement.”
Ren Suo bit his lip lightly, his eyes widened with excitement, staring at th

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