f Mago has spread like wildfire in the city of Ghent. Some people say that he is a low-key genius wizard who can destroy the 800 knights of the Tudor family by himself.

Some 西安夜网论坛 people say that he is the illegitimate son of the Norman family, has been taught by the top wizards, and has long mastered the Norman family’s air-burst technique.
Others say that Meggot and the Tudor family were feuding because of the hatred of taking his wife. He was sent to the frontier by the Tudor family deliberately before, but because of fate, he got a great opportunity and became a great wizard within two years.
This time Meggot returned to Ghent to find the Tudor family to set off a bloody storm.
Anyway, there is everything, and every rumor has some factual basis, not completely catching the wind.
Almost everyone in Ghent now knows that the Tudor family spent a lot of manpower and material resources to hunt down Meg, but they never succeeded.
Moreover, there were hundreds of knights who followed him beside Meg, who were loyal.
Of these different versions of the story, of course everyone prefers the grassroots one.
A little wizard single-handedly challenged the top noble family. 西安耍耍论坛 This kind of grassroots counterattack story is simply loved by the people. Everyone dreams that one day they can become a wizard. Those who dream of wizardry in the entire wizarding kingdom hope that One day I can be like Meg, so that the top families are helpless.
When everyone was drinking and dancing in a pub, every time someone talked about it, they would dance together.
Just outside of the tumultuous hustle and bustle, Mega stood at a sewage outlet outside Ghent and asked, “Do you really want to get in?”
The sewage mouth in front of me is as high as one person, looking from the outside to the inside, there is an invisible end of the black hole inside.
There is a foul smell here, and there are mice running fast on the ground, so there is no fear of humans at all.
Chen Jingshu looked at Mei Ge and replied, “Now that Ghe

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