Ren Xiaosu Le, he ran here in the middle of the night to figure out what? Isn’t it just a thank you coin?
But he is not greedy, after all, time is tight and he can’t stay here for too long.
Therefore, Ren Xiaosu threw a bunch of keys to Wang Yun: “You should remember which key can open which door?”
“Remember,” Wang Yun nodded.
“Open the door,” Ren Xiaosu said. He could have used the black knife directly, but 西安品茶网 he didn’t want to expose his black knife and appearance in front of these people. The prison guards he had seen were all dead, except for the prison guards. Waiting for people, anyway, they are going to the northwest of Daxing, and they will see it when they see it.
Ren Xiaosu changed a cell to do the same, and prisoners were released one after another. What made Ren Xiaosu gratified was that the gratitude of these people was basically very sincere, and those who were not sincere were just a few people.
Calculating the probability, Ren Xiaosu’s original thank-you coins were nearly four thousand, and this wave of thank-you coins harvested in the secret prison might bring him close to the five thousand mark!
At this moment, when Wang Yun saw Ren Xiaosu walking towards the next cell, he reminded: “The person involved here is one 西安夜桑拿论坛 of the seventeen people I mentioned.”
After that, Wang Yun watched with cold eyes, wanting to see what Ren Xiaosu planned. How to deal with it.
As a result, Ren Xiaosu just walked to the door of the cell, and before the man could speak, he threw a grenade into it. With a
bang, huge smoke exploded in the cell, Wang Yun and Ji Ziang 西安桑拿夜网 were shocked!
What did Ren Xiaosu say just now, the original words seemed to be “It would be too cruel to keep them locked here, right”, so Ren Xiaosu’s idea was to give the other party a good time? !
Is this the legendary saying the warmest words and then doing the most ruthless things?
It was only at this moment that Wang Yun realized that he had misunderstood this northwestern marshal. What kind of thing is this g

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