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The AI doctor will charge you now

Artificial intelligence is likely to alter the medical profession — by making care even more expensive. 2 hours ago


What if companies could read your mind? Neurotechnology is coming, and your cognitive liberty is at stake.

Nita Farahany makes the case for a new human right: cognitive liberty.


The world needs more water flowing where it’s needed most

Better market design paired with deep technology can best address drought.


Algorithms aren’t neutral. Ask the humans who created them.

Anger and violence will bring users to certain platforms and increase corporate profits. A line has been crossed — and a choice made — when the company’s officers decide to promote these kinds of drivers to make money.


How to make online life more pleasant

Software engineer David Auerbach says it’s time to give up on traditional approaches to tech governance — and explains why Facebook would rather appear evil than powerless.


The info equivalent of junk food

Ultra-processed information is hijacking our appetites much like ultra-processed snacks do.


People are falling in love with chatbots

For users of companionship apps, AI can be a therapist, friend, and even a lover. These relationships feel real — but are they ethical?


Being an influencer is harder than it looks

Emily Hund investigates how the shifting definition of “authenticity” is the basis of a $16 billion industry.