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Blind date: ‘I was 15 minutes late ... I did feel bad about that’

Will these twentysomething daters get each other’s sense of humor?

This week's daters: Sydney and Matthew. Handout images

MATTHEW D.: 23 / physical therapy aide

LAST THING HE READ: A good article on the workings of the biceps femoris

HIS HOBBIES: Snowboarding, rock climbing

SYDNEY C.: 23 / marketing assistant account executive

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s known as a class clown.

HER PERFECT DATE: Dinner, drinks, and darts at a dive bar



Matthew I tried to fix up my hair and beard beforehand so I would look presentable.

Sydney My roommate and I had a drink and we listened to a fun playlist and hyped me up.

Matthew I ended up getting to the restaurant early, so I ended up ordering a beer and enjoying the atmosphere.


Sydney I was 15 minutes late. ... I did feel bad about that.

Matthew She carried herself with confidence. She looked attractive in her leather jacket. Her blond hair did a good job of complementing her eyes.

Sydney [He was] tall! Which, in Boston, is a breath of fresh air.


Matthew We talked about our life experiences. Her mom’s family used to run a Christmas tree farm and she grew up in Canada. I told her what it was like growing up on Nantucket and we talked about our childhood pets. We both had almost the same breed of poodle and we talked about how much we loved our dogs.

Sydney We talked about work and our families. He told me about putting himself through college. Matt is super approachable and kind.

Matthew I ordered a handmade pasta dish with a chestnut sauce. The drinks we ordered looked and tasted amazing.

Sydney I got a delicious gin drink and the chicken. Food and service were incredible. The ambiance had a romantic vibe. Lots of low lighting, candles on the table, jazz music. I loved the waiter. I wanted to hang out with him, he was awesome.


Matthew I feel like we did have some chemistry, mostly in terms of the laughing and the fact that we played off of each other’s jokes a lot, too.

Sydney I felt like I asked a lot of silly and sarcastic questions that he didn’t quite pick up on. I just don’t think we were on the same wavelength. At one point, I joked about having a quote tattooed on my back and he didn’t pick up on the joke. I don’t think I quite picked up on his humor either.


Matthew As much as I would have liked to continue, I had a 50-minute drive home and we both had work in the morning.

Sydney I was pretty tired after we finished our meal. I don’t think the physical attraction was there from the start and our conversation was great but it wasn’t showstopping energy. I felt like we had run out of things to talk about, too.

Matthew She ordered an Uber and I drove my truck back. We ended the date by exchanging numbers and going our separate ways.

Sydney He asked for my number and I gave it to him. He offered to wait with me but I just wanted to get home. We gave each other a hug and he said he wanted to hang out again.


Matthew I would like to go on another date. I think we got along well.

Sydney I don’t think so. He texted me again the day after. He was so sweet but not a love match for me.



Matthew / A+

Sydney / B-

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