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Credit Suisse shares soar after borrowing $54 billion from Swiss central bank

Credit Suisse’s shares have soared 30% after it announced it will move to shore up its finances by borrowing up to nearly $54 billion from the Swiss central bank. 7 minutes ago


Credit Suisse, battered lender, borrows $54 billion from Swiss central bank

Credit Suisse, the 166-year-old institution that was once an emblem of Swiss pride, is fighting for its life after investors dumped its stock and sent the price of insuring its debt against a default skyrocketing. 38 minutes ago


State Street pans Moody’s ‘terrible overreaction’ on banks

Moody’s earlier this week cut its outlook for the US banking system to negative from stable, citing the run on deposits at Silvergate Capital Corp., Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank that led to their collapse.


Wall Street falls on new bank fears, bond yields plunge

Wall Street’s harsh spotlight has intensified across the banking industry recently on worries about what may crack next following the second- and third-largest bank failures in US history last week.


Bank of America gets more than $15 billion in deposits after SVB failure

The inflows offer a first glimpse into the deluge of deposits that made its way to the country’s largest banks as customers fearful of a spreading crisis sought refuge in the firms seen as too big to fail.


Barney Frank, coauthor of landmark banking reform, defends his positions after SVB collapse, Signature Bank seizure

Former US representative Barney Frank defended Signature Bank’s business and said it was seized due to an overreaction by a New York state regulatory agency.


Banks will be OK. Inflation is still a nasty problem.

The government’s consumer price index report for February showed costs for many goods and services still climbing at a pace that is too fast for comfort.


Startups and investors look to fill a big void after SVB’s demise

Silicon Valley Bank was not only willing to work with startups to help them raise money, it also extended credit directly, funded research about emerging companies, and held events promoting the market.