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Now that ‘The Bear’ is a hit, expect a bit more in season 2

The Hulu-FX series will be back sometime in June, according to a just released promotional clip that contains some images and ideas of what is to come.


Peeking behind the scenes of ‘Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio’

The Museum of Modern Art looks at the nuts-and-bolts of the Oscar-winning Netflix film.

The meaning behind the blue ribbons worn at the Oscars

Small and subtle, the blue ribbons worn by many celebrities at the Oscars nonetheless had an important message: support refugees.

‘The Last of Us’ season finale: Tell us what you think

In the ninth and final episode of the season, a brutal choice is presented to Pascal’s character, Joel: will he sacrifice an innocent teenager to potentially save the world?


This week’s TV: The warm return of ‘Ted Lasso,’ Bob Odenkirk’s new dramedy, and an Elvis cartoon

“Ted Lasso” returns for its third, and possibly last, season, while new shows premiering this week include Bob Odenkirk in “Lucky Hank,” the horror thriller “Swarm,” and the animated series “Agent Elvis,” with Matthew McConaughey voicing Elvis.

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ wins best picture, plus six more Oscars

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who graduated from Emerson College, took home the award for best director for “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis also won supporting acting awards for the indie hit, and Michelle Yeoh made history as the first Asian woman to win best actress.

Springfield native Ruth Carter becomes first Black woman to win two Oscars

The costume designer behind the “Black Panther” films has become the first Black woman to win two Oscars.

In ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue, Jenna Ortega says she’s not as ‘twisted’ as her roles suggest

The 20-year-old Ortega has acted since she was a child, but found fame with Netflix's "Wednesday" last year. The 1975 was the night's musical guest.

Pence says Trump ‘endangered my family’ on Jan. 6

Former vice president Mike Pence on Saturday harshly criticized former president Donald Trump for his role in the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol, widening the rift between the two men as they prepare to battle over the Republican nomination in next year’s election.


A clarinet’s right to remain silent, and to speak out

With its ongoing "Voices" festival, the BSO has been reckoning with history — and the possibilities for its own future.


Can-do attitude prevails, as ‘Shrinking’ earns a second season

Apparently, it has done well enough in the ratings — which Apple TV+ does not share publicly — to justify a return.


8 of the most memorable fictional TV music makers

There have been so many fictional music makers on TV over the years, you could fill the Partridge Family's bus many times over. From Mouse Rat in "Parks and Recreation" to The Archies from “The Archie Show," here are eight of the most memorable.

Robert Blake, actor acquitted in wife’s killing, dies at 89

Once hailed as among the finest actors of his generation, Mr. Blake became better known as the center of a real-life murder trial.


At the MFA, enslaved Black potters’ work brings lives into the light in ‘Hear Me Now’

“Hear Me Now” just opened at the Museum of Fine Arts. It would be a riveting history lesson, chilling and mournful, if that’s all it was. It aspires to, and achieves, so much more.


Nancy Hopkins and her colleagues challenged a culture of male dominance at MIT in the 1990s — and won. Kate Zernike’s ‘The Exceptions’ tells us how.

Author Zernike relies heavily on biologist Hopkins’s notes, diaries, and memories in this account, and it shows.


Sabrina Orah Mark seeks the place where old and new collide

In “Happily: A Personal History — with Fairy Tales” Sabrina Orah Mark looks to stories of elves, talking animals, dragons, and magic to explain her own life as well as the off-kilter world around her.