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Climate and the fight of our lives

The climate crisis is now an emergency. We believe solutions must begin here, in our communities, state, and region. Globe journalism will shine light on obstacles to decisive action, illuminate paths toward solutions, and hold to account elected leaders responsible for guiding us to a better future.

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Biden backs $8 billion Alaska oil project despite climate peril

President Biden authorized a giant ConocoPhillips oil project in northwest Alaska that environmentalists argue has no place in a warming world, even as he sought to bar future drilling across US Arctic waters and lands.

Waltham paid $17.4m for historic farmland. Now the city is placing a longtime community farm at risk, advocates say.

“I believe the citizens of Waltham should also have a chance to use this farm,” Mayor Jeannette McCarthy told city councilors at a recent meeting.

‘A defining issue of our time’: Massachusetts’ first-ever climate chief is bringing an all-of-government approach to climate change

Melissa Hoffer started her role earlier this year with a mandate that essentially boils down to remaking the way that state government functions — from one in which climate change is siloed into limited spaces, to one in which it informs every corner.

Seven key takeaways from President Biden’s $6.9 trillion new budget plan

It is one of President Biden’s most common refrains on the stump: “Don’t tell me what you value,” Biden says, quoting his father. “Show me your budget - and I’ll tell you what you value.”

Allergies hitting early? Climate change may be to blame, report says.

Winters across much of the United States are getting shorter and springs longer, giving plants more time to grow, flower, and release pollen.


Aging, faulty Woonsocket incinerator curbs waste it can accept in region

“The city of Woonsocket is at a crossroads if you will. We can either not be in the incineration business anymore as the host, or we can upgrade the facility,” said Public Works Director Steve D’Agostino.

Red states are leading on renewable energy, while Mass. ranks 29th, new analysis shows

Massachusetts may consider itself to be a progressive leader in many respects, including climate action, but a new report on renewable energy in the United States is challenging that perception.


R.I. bill would allow human composting

“For people who have respected the earth and tried to lighten their impact on it in life, it makes sense to also want to take the greenest, most environmentally beneficial route in death,” Rep. McGaw said.