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More Life Sciences Headlines

Flagship’s latest startup aims to develop drugs with fewer side effects

Boston-based Ampersand Biomedicines launches with $50 million from the Cambridge firm to design medicines that better target the site of a disease than existing treatments.

Full approval and Medicare coverage of new Alzheimer’s drug could come in July

Leqembi costs $26,500 a year, not including expensive brain scans and biweekly visits to infusion centers, putting it out of reach for most patients unless it is covered by insurance.

Chroma Medicine raises $135 million for its epigenetic editing therapies

Chroma’s approach, known as epigenetic editing, could have broad applications for treating both rare and common diseases.

This stem cell startup is designing a therapy to restore and boost immunity

Cambridge-based Thymmune has raised $13 million to grow cells in the lab from a little-known but crucial immune organ.


After ringing the NASDAQ bell, R.I. biomed founder believes state could become next life sciences hub

Dr. Jack Elias, the former dean of medicine at Brown University, has gone public with Ocean Biomedical, a Providence company designed to help researchers bring their therapies to patients.

Another state lawmaker is joining powerful MassBio trade group

State Representative Edward Coppinger, who was first elected to the House in 2010, will start on March 1 at MassBio in the newly created position of head of government affairs.

Medicare won’t cover new Alzheimer’s drug until it gets full FDA approval

Leqembi, made by Eisai and Biogen, won accelerated approval in January, but a wider sign-off is not likely until late this year or early 2024.

Moderna expands CRISPR gene editing research with ElevateBio partnership

The same mRNA technology used in the Cambridge company’s COVID vaccine could lead to permanent treatments for genetic diseases.