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Latest Headlines in Technology

‘This hit like a ton of bricks’: Troubles at Silicon Valley Bank ripple across Boston tech scene

Startups and investors who depended on SVB face the reality that their accounts are frozen after the California-based bank, a key player in the tech economy, was seized by regulators.

Robert Downey Jr. joins Boston-based cybersecurity company’s board of directors

The “Iron Man” star has joined the board of Aura, a cybersecurity firm based in the Seaport District, the company announced Thursday.

Silicon Valley Bank meltdown is wake-up call for any stock bulls still left

Stock market investors are getting a harsh reminder about the risks posed by banking industry turmoil.

Innovation economy

Here are nine key issues in the AI debate

At a TEDxBoston event this week, dozens of speakers offered opinions on how to use, and monitor, artificial intelligence as it becomes more powerful.

Health data breach hitting Congress ‘could be extraordinary’

Thousands of House members, employees and their families have enrolled in health insurance through DC Health Link since 2014.

Are chatbots useful tools, game changers, or a threat to democracy? All of the above, AI experts say.

The tech industry may be moving too fast to be able to distinguish between safe uses and dangerous applications, according to experts in AI and security.

Tech Lab

Will censors come for our e-books? There’s nothing to stop them.

The Roald Dahl e-books controversy raises a question: What gives publishers the right to alter a book that you’ve already purchased? Actually, they’ve always had that right.

As legal challenge lingers, Mass. AG announces enforcement of auto right-to-repair law

The statute requires that automakers who sell cars in Massachusetts must provide consumers and independent repair shops with wireless access to the car’s “telematics” — the digital data governing every aspect of how a vehicle works.