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Latest Headlines in Economy

Larry Edelman | Trendlines

Another strong jobs report complicates the inflation outlook

Employers added 311,000 jobs last month, the Labor Department said on Friday. While that was down from 504,000 new jobs in January, the pace of hiring is well above the level that economists say is needed to see inflation retreat.

Yellen affirms inflation goal, warns lawmakers on debt ceiling

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen singled out bringing down inflation as the administration’s top economic priority.

Powell says ‘no decision’ on the Fed’s next move on rates

When the Fed raises its key short-term rate, it typically leads to more expensive mortgages, auto loans, credit card lending, and business loans.

Fed chair opens door to faster rate moves and a higher peak

Powell, in remarks before the Senate Banking Committee, also noted that the Fed’s fight against inflation was “very likely” to come at some cost to the labor market.


Healey stakes out middle ground on the economy

The rookie governor’s budget and tax cut plans will test whether she can govern from the center — or at least the center as it exists in true blue Massachusetts.


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Europe inflation eases slightly as consumer pain persists

Higher prices have led to workers demanding higher pay in wage negotiations, often through strikes and protests that have swept Europe.


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