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At Wellesley College, students vote to admit trans men

On Tuesday, its students supported a referendum that had polarized the campus and went straight to the heart of Wellesley’s identity as a women’s college.

New Mexico enacts law to keep guns away from children

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed a bill that makes it a crime to store firearms in places that children could access.

Special prosecutor steps down in case against Alec Baldwin

A special prosecutor who doubles as a state legislator is stepping down from her role in the manslaughter case against actor Alec Baldwin in the death of a cinematographer on a New Mexico film set.

Biden issues executive order to strengthen background checks for guns

The visit, and the announcement of a new executive order, is Biden’s latest attempt to express his horror over the continued loss of life and to demonstrate his administration’s effort to reduce the chance of another mass shooting.

Biden administration to restrict cancer-causing ‘forever chemicals’

For the first time, the federal government will require utilities to remove from drinking water two toxic chemicals found in everything from waterproof clothing to dental floss and even toilet paper, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday.

Lindsay Lohan announces pregnancy in Instagram post

The "Mean Girls" star announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post on Tuesday, sharing an image of a baby onesie with "Coming soon..." written on it. The post was captioned "We are blessed and excited!"

In the gun law fights of 2023, a need for experts on the weapons of 1791

Gun historians across the country are in demand like never before as lawyers must now comb through statutes drafted in the Colonial era and the early years of the republic to litigate modern firearms restrictions.

Pythons, invasive and hungry, are making their way north in Florida

Burmese pythons, which are nonnative apex predators originally from South Asia, have decimated native species, including wading birds, marsh rabbits, and white-tailed deer.