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The plane truth: The sky is not falling. Air travel is still safe.

A handful of near-misses, turbulence, and a violent traveler do not signal the end of civilization, or air travel, as we know it. But there is more we can do to make things even safer going forward.


$452 bill charged after requesting help for lost engagement ring

Carmen Santos thinks she lost her engagement ring in an Enterprise rental. The company looks for the ring and then sends her a $452 bill. Can it do that?


Cool classes on the Cape, a winter fest in Portland, and personal alarms for travel and daily life

Travel news you can use.


Howie Day on Alaska, not living in a bubble, and how to make easy iced coffee on the road

We caught up with the singer-songwriter to talk about all things travel.


What you need to pack in the ultimate carry-on bag

A well-packed carry-on bag transforms life in the air, erasing common nuisances while creating little moments of joy. Here's advice from a frequent flier who's been honing his kit for years.


Four New England inns for cross-country skiers

Here’s a recipe for a perfect winter getaway for cross-country skiers: access to kilometers of quiet, uncrowded trails; gorgeous backdrop scenery; and a comfy country inn where you can rest at the end of your winter wonderland day.


A weekend of love and pampering in Jackson, N.H.

There’s a snow-covered village green, a white church steeple, historic schoolhouse, and a handful of shops and country inns. It is an ideal setting for a winter weekend of pampering and romance.


Why does everyone love Charleston so much? We have some thoughts.

We’re suckers for beauty and good food, and this place nails them. And the weather is pretty darn fine. But it’s not all sunshine and sweet tea, and local folks aren’t shy about discussing the dark aspects of hometown history.