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Latest Headlines in Visual Arts

At the MFA, a small photography show leaves a big impression

"Who Holds Up the Sky" bears witness to the war in Ukraine.


DeCordova announces suspension of indoor exhibitions for up to three years

The Lincoln museum's sculpture garden will remain open while its building is closed to visitors for HVAC upgrades.


‘Between You and Me’ is a portrait of two portraitists

At LaMontagne Gallery, Isabelle Higgins and Barbara Ishikura share vivid palettes and kinetic energy.

Globe Audio

James Hills assembled a gospel choir for Embrace Boston. Now he hopes to keep it going.

Along with his co-director, Hills put together an intergenerational choir made of top local talent, from high school standouts to experienced recording artists.

Galleries: A map based on touch and care

Marissa Cote’s art at Distillery Gallery offers an easy route into a charged territory.


At the ICA, childhood lost in transition

María Berrío’s ‘The Children’s Crusade’ beautifully captures the grim journeys of migrant children.


At the Gardner, groundbreaking artist Betye Saar unpacks her travels

‘Heart of a Wanderer’ has a softer edge than the explicitly political work that made Saar’s name, but it has an edge all the same.

In Providence, Nafis M. White explores pleasure and pain

"Freedom Is My Favorite Position," at Central Contemporary Arts, is a body-based approach to art featuring mandalas made of synthetic hair, mixed media, and licorice.